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Job Hunting Tips You Will Thank Us For

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In today’s tough economic climate and competition, getting a job the conventional way may seem slim. But getting out of the box to be noticed by recruiters will sure put you ahead of others. Here’s how to do it

Looking back in my career, it just hit me that most of the job opportunities I had didn’t come the traditional way. In my final year at varsity, I decided to volunteer for one of the top selling women magazines in the country for 5 weeks, while my friends were enjoying their break. I knew that I would be competing against people from renowned universities and I wanted to have an added advantage to my CV, proof that I am naturally a go-getter. Although I didn’t get a permanent position there the lessons I learned and the mentor I still keep in touch with were more than enough for me. The following year I decided to bang the doors of many media houses until one opened up for me to volunteer there. That opportunity opened doors for me to start my freelancing career, that helped me study and complete my post grad degree in Communication Sciences. I started small, but we all do. Freelancing gave me the chance to work for another lifestyle woman magazine for three years. My previous job came as a result of me approaching the founder of a magazine who gave me the chance to sell myself. That’s how I became the magazine’s deputy managing editor before the birth of KDanielles Media. My experience shows that it’s possible to find opportunities by simply asking for them, instead of waiting for posts to pop up. Here’s how you can get noticed by recruiters:

Make social media your CV: Instead of posting how many places you can turn up in one night, use social media as a platform to build your brand. Show off your expertise and tag potential companies you want attention from. Comment on their posts and retweet if need be. By the way, companies do make a background check on your social media platforms and making them private doesn’t help either. Rather sell yourself with the powerful platform that you have.

Do your homework on how your skills can contribute to the wellbeing of your dream company: By watching out on what media says about it, following them on social media and even reviewing customer’s feedback. Find out if you can speak with the head of a certain department and do your best to leave a good impression while you are there. You might not be given a job immediately (though some do get that lucky) but you will be top of mind when there is a post.

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Build a good rapport with your network: I once read that the best compliment you can give a person is through referral. It rings true when someone recommends you for a certain post or business. Many career opportunities are through who you know instead of what you know. Don’t make the mistake of burning bridges wherever you go because people are watching.

Become an expert: Journalists always look for experts to add substance to their articles. Call up media companies and volunteer to share your knowledge about a certain topic or industry. Not only will that give you exposure but it will put you at a competitive advantage.

Don’t give up: Things worth having don’t come easy. Always take a no as a stepping stone to bigger opportunities. Always ask for feedback wherever you knock and find ways to stay motivated. One of the ways I do that is by reading motivational books as well as biographies of people I look up to.

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