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Thinking of Resigning At Work? Read This First

What to consider before resigning

As we wind down to the end of the year many people are considering business, personal and career goals they were able to tick off, while others are looking forward to a new start. If resigning is one of the things you are contemplating here’s what to consider first

We naturally put a bit of pressure on ourselves to achieve certain goals by a particular time. When it comes to our careers we aim to contribute our skills while challenging ourselves to grow. Fortunate are those who work in environments and with managers that steer and encourage growth. Regardless of your experience if you are considering resigning this year here is what you should consider:

What opportunities are you looking for: If you feel you are at the ceiling of your particular job in your department look for other areas within your job that you can challenge yourself with. Growing is an important natural instinct we all have and your career is no different. Find out if there are any opportunities within your company where you can apply.

Are you fulfilled in your job: Many people feel depressed at the thought of going to work, and often it’s not because of a particular job that they are doing but because of certain colleagues and even bosses who stifle their peace. If your happiness and health depend on it, now is the time to find other opportunities and environments to flourish in.

Can you afford to leave your current job? Many people, like myself, can be financially disciplined and are able to cut off certain lifestyle habits we can’t afford anymore. Consider what your financial obligations are and if you can afford to leave your current job. Look at the salary and benefits you currently have or don’t have and compare them with your new potential employer if you are given an offer and discuss it with your new and current employer. Your skills and what you bring to the table have to match what you earn. But since money can’t buy happiness consider what’s fulfilling to you and make a decision based on what you can live with.

Why are you considering leaving your current job?




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