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Cassper Releases A Tribute To Great Dads

Cassper Nyovest

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day today, Cassper Nyovest helps us pay tribute to all the great dads

Father’s day has arrived and there is no better way to celebrate it than express appreciation to all the good men who play a great role in their children’s lives. I personally grew up without a dad, and it has been very difficult, especially when I hear the great things he used to do while he was alive. He passed on when I was just four years old and mom has since worn both parenting caps. He really left a huge void, not only in my life but in the lives of others. I see people fight back tears when they talk about him. He really loved life and lived it to the fullest. Apparently, we were very close and I always wonder how life would have turned out if he were alive. I remember one time when I traveled in a taxi to a township in the East of Joburg, called Katlehong. That’s where I used to stay when dad was alive. I was sitting next to a man whom I showed a garage dad used to own. Out of the blue, I just said, ‘My dad used to own this deserted garage,’ he turned to me, shocked and sad. He knew him very well and we talked briefly about him.

This makes me wonder how each dad wants to be remembered when they pass on. Do they want to leave a good legacy or just painful memories? Looking at the violent crimes against women and children in South Africa I can’t help but wonder what the root cause is. Where did we go wrong? Is it a result of absent or abusive fathers or does culture have to do with it? I fantasise about living in a world where only love exists, where families are united and women and children are safe. I think such a world is possible if we work towards it. Each parent, especially a dad has a huge role to play in raising a strong and caring generation. Children follow examples, and not necessarily what you say. If a father is reading this I hope you will lead by a good example and be present in your child’s life as much as you can. Be the good parent you either had never experienced growing up or continue the great legacy your dad left you.  And as for the great dads out there, especially the unsung heroes, Happy Father’s Day, not only for today, but each passing day.

How is your relationship with your dad and how are you celebrating Father’s Day?


I will always be eternally grateful to God for choosing me to be their father.”

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