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5 Ways Social Media Can Land You A Job

How social media can land you a job

While some people track the number of following and likes on social media, others use this great platform to land their dreams jobs. This is how social media can land you a job

Recently 22-year-old Siya Sangweni got his dream job as a co-host on The Gareth Cliff Show, while 23 –year-old Chef Luyanda Mafanya landed herself an opportunity to cook for rapper Cassper Nyovest for the launch of his new album, Thuto. Their common trait: Twitter. These young go-getters are few examples of people who are making use of social media as a job-hunting platform, which lands them their dream opportunities. Gone are the days where social media is only used to show people where you have turned up, in fact, some studies have found that 1 in 10 young job seekers have lost a job opportunity because of their social media profiles. With job scarcity being on the rise it’s important to use social media to stand out and make yourself employable.

Like or follow the company you would like to work for: Companies make use of social media to engage with their stakeholders on their latest trends and newsworthy events. Be proactive in the conversations they initiate and show how you would contribute to the company’s well-being if you were part of their team. Interact with the companies but don’t overdo as that would come across as being desperate.

Showcase your skills: If you just obtained a new skill or qualification add that to your Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter or Instagram profile. Create yourself as a brand that other brands or companies would want to be associated with professionally.

Be visible: Of course social media can be a haven for outrageous stalkers, but ensure that you create an account that potential employers can trace. Become a thought leader in your field by contributing articles on your pages or using social media as a platform to engage in conversations that are related to your line of passion and industry.

Be bold in your approach: By now you might be following your favourite employees or role models if you are lucky enough to get a follow back DM them on Twitter and request their time to meet with them to seek career advice. Or if like Luyanda you need retweets to help you get an opportunity you really have nothing to lose but more possibilities to get somewhere.

Don’t overdo it: Don’t make social media your only source of platform to job hunt, let it be an extension of your resume. Also, make use of traditional methods of finding employment and importantly, don’t give up on your quest to finding employment.

Did social media help you get employment? How so?

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