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4 Ways To Successfully Achieve Your Goals This Year

Katie Chase

Setting goals may be easy, but achieving them takes discipline and hard work. These are 4 ways you can achieve your goals.


We are already halfway through the year! And let’s face it all of us want to be successful in everything we aim for. We have different long-term visions; some of us want to run successful businesses or head big companies. I have always wondered what really sets young successful people apart from the rest of the pack? When engaging with a lot of young slayers, it was clear to me that although they used different methods their mindsets are similar. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and actually action them without giving up. Setting goals is a process that needs introspection of what it is you really want in your life and career and it takes hard work and discipline to achieve them. Use these four steps as a checklist to achieve your goals.


Set goals that motivate you: It’s important to centre your decisions and goals around what makes you fulfilled and happy. Set goals that motivate and challenge you to be out of your comfort zone. Your goals must be so essential to you that you find value in achieving them.

Set realistic goals: yes, we all want to be millionaires, especially in our 20s, but are your goals honestly realistic and what plans do you have to achieve them? Of course it’s possible to be wealthy, especially if you are prepared to work hard for it. But don’t let the mistake of getting instant riches get to you. When you set realistic goals that you are able to tick off each week, month and year you will reach bigger goals that you want to achieve in the long term including wealth. One of my long-term goals is building a global successful media empire, and it was fulfilling when I finally took the first step of launching this blog, which I believe is a foundation of bigger things I will tick off with each passing day.

Be disciplined: Every goal you have ever achieved required some discipline and a bit of sacrifice, whether it’s your sleep or social life. One of the ways to be disciplined is to create an atmosphere that will ensure you achieve your goals, from a positive attitude to surrounding yourself in places or with people who will motivate you to keep on moving. Also make sure that you detach yourself from distractions, such as toxic people, that will keep you from being successful.

Keep on moving: Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you. Instead, find a different angle or route to get to your destination. The key to achieving your goals is to avoid procrastination and managing your time. Do at least one thing each day to get to your goal. Importantly, celebrate each milestone that moves you one step closer to reaching your goals.

How do you achieve your goals?


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