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5 Ways To Make Positive Thinking Your Habit

Positive people William Stitt

There’s something magnetic and charming about positive people. You too can become one of those people with these 5 habits.

Is it me or are positive habits just hard to develop and keep? I don’t know about you but gosh being irritable is so easy. I would find myself swearing (sorry mom) at that driver who would cut me off on the road or easily get annoyed with a sincere mistake. I have been on a mission though, to be more positive and not take life too seriously. The journey has been somewhat funny and challenging. I have also learned about the power of thoughts and how they are a reflection of the people and circumstances we find ourselves in. After learning that, I have made it a point to shift my mindset because like everyone else I want to be happy. Though life is not a bed of roses, we really do choose how we react to any situation we face. This year I have also made it a point to surround myself with positive people who enjoy life, and keep a distance from those who drain my energy; believe me, there are a number. I have seen some traits that some of my positive friends are applying daily, and this is what I have learned.

They protect their environment: From toxic workplaces to bad friends, positive people don’t allow themselves to be in situations that deflate their positive spirit. They consciously choose places and people who have a positive impact on their lives.

They are grateful: While it’s easy to complain about everything, positive people find that one thing they are grateful for. From the friends and families, they have to the careers and businesses they slay.

They embrace rejection and failures: Honestly, positive people cry it out then get over it. One of my friends likes saying, “No there are no mistakes, but life lessons. And neither are there dead ends but different directions.” This is something powerful I carry to heart. Setbacks are a part of life that make us stronger and prepare us for greater things we are destined for.

They use positive affirmations: Positive people always exude confidence because they always compliment themselves. They highlight their strengths, that beautiful feature that makes them physically attractive and the bright future they want to have. Words are more powerful than you think, if you tell yourself you are not good enough, chances are you will find yourself in circumstances that affirm your words. So tell yourself that you are worthy of great things and believe it.

They laugh it off: Ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation? Laugh it off and let it pass. Positive people don’t take life too serious, in fact, they are more fulfilled when they put a smile on people’s faces instead of making any situation worse.

Each day I make it a point to practice these habits. I might not be master these traits yet, but hey, who says life is a race? I am enjoying and celebrating each achievement.


What positive habits do you have?


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