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Office Guide For First Time Managers

First time managers

Management positions are a career vision for many employees; in fact, it was one of the goals you might have mentioned in your job interview. Now that you are promoted, how do you handle the pressure?

worked around the clock from when you started months ago and dressed like a boss while you were at it. Your bosses took notice, got impressed and offered you the promotion you eyed for a while. Give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work, which paid off. But how do you handle the new expectations from your bosses and your colleagues? It’s not easy at all because you need to have a lot of great skills, including communication and leadership skills. This is how you can slay your new management position:

Understand the company: To drive the company you work for to success you need to understand it on a broader scope and plan how your department and team can contribute to it. Analyse department reports and have one on ones with company leaders regarding the achievements of the business and the challenges to improve on. Network, and create good relationships with other managers to learn as much as you can from them. This will help you make informed decisions about certain strategies you want to implement.

Be a team player: Once you know what is expected of you and your team, consult your team to make inputs on how to support your and the company’s vision. Now that you are a model of example to your crew, be a team player and motivate them instead of discouraging them or making them hate their job. Be weary of delegating unclear tasks, don’t take all the credit alone and don’t pretend you know it all. Remember that unhappy employees become less productive, costs your department and the company. Develop a thick skin because how you handle hurdles you face will result in how colleagues relate with you.

Go for drinks: Find a mentor or someone who you look up to in your position whom you can consult with regularly outside the office. Take and discuss as much advice about your industry, and especially about your new job description.

Stand your ground: As a first time manager you should bear in mind that your relationships in the office have changed and it can be uncomfortable leading people whom you worked junior positions with and whom you are friends with. Make it clear from the onset what your expectations as a manger are from your team and don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of. Be a caring leader but don’t take off your manager’s cap throughout the business day.  Be consistent in your informed decisions; don’t be too hard on yourself and have fun.

How did you handle being a first-time manager?

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