6 Careers That Are In Demand And Expanding Right Now

6 Careers That Are In Demand And Expanding Right Now

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With the world migrating to the digital field, more careers in the cloud, internet of things, big data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality are in demand. Here are six career options to consider

Mobile app developer/ web developer

These two can stand apart, but often go hand in hand in a combined career. Mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing disciplines as more functionality moves to mobile devices. The good news for people wanting a career shift is that there is currently a big skills gap in this area, so there are many opportunities in this field, and it is also a good fit for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

On the web development side, the increase in social media advertising has increased the demand for web developers. Most companies these days invest in e-commerce solutions, while all companies, regardless of size, or whether they are new or old, should have their own website. To make a success in these fields, professionals require responsive web design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) skills.

Software engineers and database administrators

Both of these are existing careers but are constantly evolving as a result of the need to adapt for operation in the cloud and on digital devices. Additionally, there is a massive and growing demand for improved security, with databases and application systems shielded from attack while being properly managed and networked.

Cybersecurity expert

Cybersecurity experts are some of the most in-demand professionals. With hackers and bad faith actors growing in their number and their ability to sow havoc in public and private organisations across the globe, these professionals play a vital role in shielding their employers from attack. Their role is to secure websites, company data, and sensitive information in the cloud. They need to be able to anticipate and correct flaws and backdoors in access to an organisation’s sensitive data, understand how hackers work and how they access secure sites, and ensure multi-level authentication for sites with sensitive information, for instance in banking.

Network engineers

The role of network engineers is to integrate and connect computer systems and networks across various platforms such as mobile devices, the cloud, and traditional systems. More than ever before, business is being conducted online, translating to increased job opportunities for network administrators and network managers who can help businesses securely use these technologies.

Data analyst/ scientist

If you enjoy mathematics, statistics and programming, and have an analytical brain, this is the career for you. These professionals analyse and make decisions based on big data – usually massive amounts of data often obtained through people’s interaction on web pages – to customise their experience. The aim is to analyse and respond to clientS’ needs as well as source new clients.

3D printing farms/ robotics/ augmented reality/ AI/ML

All the fields above are at the cutting edge of current technology, and are set to grow exponentially in future. These are very exciting emerging opportunities for anyone wanting to branch into these fields.

Words:  Nola Payne, head of faculty at The Independent Institute of Education

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