Common Mistakes You Might Be Making When Job Hunting

Common Mistakes You Might Be Making When Job Hunting

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The staggering unemployment rates in South Africa are a harsh reality. Don’t let the following job-hunting mistakes keep you from getting employed


On 14 May 2019, Stats SA published its latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the first quarter of 2019, unveiling the country’s unemployment rate, which has risen in the first three months of 2019. According to Stats SA, the number of employed persons decreased by 237,000 to 16.3 million in the first quarter of 2019 and found that 325 000 people are not economically active. It further revealed that the unemployment rate, which includes discouraged work seekers currently sits at 38%. I don’t know how it finds these results, but I have recently been added to these stats, as joblessness is so real. If, like me, you have been discouraged in your journey in trying to find employment or some form of stable income we might be making some mistakes that we have to try fix. I have researched about possible reasons our applications don’t even reach to the interview phase and these include:

  • We job hunt in isolation: While it’s good to be always on the lookout online and in publication for vacancies, there are other ways to find employment. I cannot stress enough how important networking and building a good relationship is as most job offers are based on referrals. My last two job offers were not posted online but they were a result of attending industry events and being referred by a good industry colleague of mine. Sometimes, all it takes is that one person who can recommend you and the best way to do that is by establishing a good rapport with people in your industry. Lately, I have been applying purely online and it can be a lonely journey. I think I might revisit my LinkedIn contacts soon.
  • We don’t showcase our strengths or challenge ourselves enough: Our social media and digital presence are very important because I have learned that recruiters investigate our activities there. Why not use those platforms as a portfolio to showcase your talents and your skills? For years  I have been applying for similar roles in media I think I might want to challenge myself in something that stretches me beyond the writer I am known for.
  • We doubt ourselves: How can we not when we’ve had certain challenges and experiences in the corporate filed that make us question our ability? Instead focus on your own goal, your talents, and your strengths and accept constructive criticism. Maybe the jobs you have been applying for recently don’t match the criteria recruiters are looking for. Always refine your CV and job history to match what the job offer requires. Also, Don’t stop believing in yourself because not many people do anyway.

What other job-hunting mistakes have you made in the past?


Additional Source: businesstech.co.za


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