How To Use Social Media To Build, And Not Break, Your Personal Brand

How To Use Social Media To Build, And Not Break, Your Personal Brand

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 We all know that social media can make or break your career. Social media lawyer and expert, Lebogang Radebe shares the dos and don’ts of using this platform

Lebogang Radebe is a young dynamic corporate and social media lawyer who has a passion for empowering people with social media etiquette and knowledge. “The world has migrated to digital – and as a commercial lawyer, it became necessary to expand into social media law and cyber law. Social media can now make or break a brand. What a person puts social media can affect their employment,” she says, “Also, there are many people who are bullying social media personalities or even worse hacking their profiles (cyber bullying, cyber invasion). I learnt that many people dont understand the repurcasions of a bad social media reputation. My job is to impart knowledge in this area.”

KDanielles Media had a chat with Radebe about the implications of social media:

When it comes to social media some people tend to be explicit, how damaging can that be when it comes to their career?

Social media can make or break your brand. As a brand, to preserve your eligibility to work with certain brands you need to be politically neutral and free from controversy. Companies don’t want to be associated with controversial personalities as, by defaults, any statement you make immediately is associated with whatever company you work for or with. Of late, it has become necessary to have social media etiquette.

What are some of the illegal things people tend to do when it comes to social media that they might not be aware of?

The first, and common thing, I can think of is cyberbullying. That includes making derogatory statements about someone especially the spreading of rumours and gossip.  Unless you can prove that what you are saying is factual and of public interest, you can find yourself in serious trouble with the law! You can be sued for making defamatory statements and you’ll pay damages AND you can be criminally charged for crimes injuria (wilful injury to someone’s dignity).

Fashion line Diesel launched their Haute Couture campaign to address social media bullying in 2018  with Nicki Minaj at the forefront (as she was also one of the victims of social media bullying,).

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So, Kylie Jenner raked in millions using social media, what tips can you give to young people to use social media to create career and business opportunities?

I find social media so dangerous and unreal. I personally don’t have much presence or interest in social media. My relationship with it ends at identifying the red flags and advising clients. I am the bearer of bad news when it comes to social media. I think that question is best suited for a social media influencers who are earning an income from it.

Lastly, what are your success tips to young people?

Find your passion. Find something you’re very good at. Let that be what generates wealth for you. You won’t feel like you’re working for money but as a result, your money will start working for you.

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