How To Stay Motivated When Job Hunting This Year

How To Stay Motivated When Job Hunting This Year

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Searching for a job can be a demotivating experience, especially when you have been applying for a long time. Here are tips to keep you motivated when searching for career opportunities

Most of us have spent the festive season re-evaluating our career goals and the direction we want to take in the new year. 2019 is upon us and it’s time to put to action all the goals you have made, starting with how you make your paper. There’s something about January that brings the feeling of hope (and dread for many who blew their salaries and bonuses in December).

According to a 2018 report by The Economist’s Pocket World in Figures and published by thesouthafrican.com, South Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate of any other country in the world. It states that the country’s youth unemployment rate at 57.4%. While these numbers are discouraging, as well as seeing your own job applications getting rejected make this year a different one by changing the direction you’ve been taking when job hunting. This is how to stay motivated this year:

Remember that you are not alone: The statistics show that you are not the only one who’s searching for career opportunities. When your job application is rejected, request for input from your potential employers, they might give you advice on what you can improve on pertaining to your CV. Also, don’t shy away from constructive criticism from your mentors or people who are willing to guide you.

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Make use of your direct contacts: Sometimes, that one person from your contact book can open a gateway of career opportunities for you. Some of my career opportunities were a result of my referrals. A young lady who used to be the managing editor of the previous magazine I worked for helped me re-launch my freelancing career through an e-mail introduction to her industry colleague. So take care of your contacts.

Don’t give up: When one door shuts, there are windows to make use of. Nothing comes easy, and unfortunately, this includes your career journey. The key thing is to not give up on your career dreams. If it means starting from the bottom, do that. Network as much as you can, attend workshops, always update your CV and spend at least three days a week visiting job search sites like bizcommunity.com, pnet.co.za or career24.com.





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