5 Ways To Make Your Boss Like You, A lot

5 Ways To Make Your Boss Like You, A lot

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 Although your boss shouldn’t necessarily be your best friend, building a good relationship with them can help build your career growth. Here are five ways to make them like you. 

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Your career is, to a degree, your identity. If you are not one who dreams about being a boss you will probably spend almost forty years of your life in the workplace. Our aspirations and dreams might be different but the common thing we all want is to work with a great boss and team. How we define success in our career will help us determine where we want to be. The truth is that your boss can help your harm your prospect of being successful in what you do. So it’s very important to build an amicable relationship with them. Although there is a fine line between sucking up to people and making them like and trust you, the bottom line is you have to prove to others that you are someones who’s great to work with. Here are five ways to make your boss really like you:

Be a team player: Your team relies on you to play your part in ensuring the success of the company. Being a team player means meeting your deadlines, communicating when you need help or better yet, offering help, especially to your boss where you can.

Offer solutions where possible: Everyone can agree that the workplace is not a bed of roses. There’s a lot to complain about, and even your boss doesn’t always have it easy. Instead of causing or mourning about things brainstorm ideas or solutions where you can. This shows initiative and problem-solving skills, characteristics all bosses admire about their team.

Treat everyone with respect: I am not saying be timid or let others walk all over you. Respect is always earned, no matter your job title and promotions you get at work. Respect means treating others the way you want them to treat you and showing empathy towards your colleagues and boss.

Understand their communication style: Learn to understand how your boss operates, and their preferred communication style (Email, or face-to-face). This will make your life a bit easier. Also, learn to not take things too personally and keep the work environment as professional as possible. Ask for their feedback once in a while and express gratitude when they give it to you, even if it’s negative. This shows initiative and that you care about your job.

They are human: There’s life outside your office space and there’s no harm in showing your boss that you care. Don’t get too personal with them, but if they mention anything about their family or studies, ask them follow up questions. This is important for building a good relationship and connection with your boss on a non-work level.

I am not saying every boss or colleague you work with will like you. But if you work professionally and with integrity you will get ahead in life, with or without their help.




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