How To Stand Out And Create A Good Impression During Your Internship

How To Stand Out And Create A Good Impression During Your Internship

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Internships are an important way to get your foot in the door, enhance your skills and if, possible land you a permanent job opportunity. This is how to stand out and leave a good impression during your internship

If you are fresh out of varsity or decide to take a career switch, an internship is a great way to learn about your industry and hone the skills you need to excel at your job. It’s also a great opportunity for you to network with colleagues and find mentors, who can play a huge role in your career success. When you find an internship don’t be ordinary and do what is expected of you, go the extra mile and show interest in what you are doing as that will attract the attention of your supervisors. Here are other five tips to make a good impression:

Take your internship as a real job: Taking yourself and the work you do (not matter how small it is) seriously will show in how you conduct yourself and treat other colleagues. This includes being punctual at all times and asking as much as you can about what you need understanding on. Also, show some initiative by giving some ideas you have that you think might work in your department.

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Dress for success: First impression counts, and how you dress says a lot about you and how likely people will take you seriously. The saying, dress for the position you want, not the one you have couldn’t be more relevant, especially if you see a future in the company you are interning at.

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Find a mentor: If there is someone you look up to at your place of work approach them and find out if they can mentor you. Building an amicable work relationship with your role model is a great way to grow in your career.

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Treat everyone with respect: Get to know people who work in your company and create a good relationship with them. Networking in and outside your department is a great way to be memorable and you will never know who will recommend you. Be respectful towards others as that will take you a long way.

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Ask for feedback: Asking for feedback and taking advice shows that you take your internship seriously. Feedback is also important as you will uncover your strengths and areas you need to improve on.

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