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3 questions that make Ayanda Thabethe a favourite at Miss Supranational

3 questions that make Ayanda Thabethe a favourite at Miss Supranational

Ayanda Thabethe, Miss SA 2022 runner-up and the country’s representative at the 14th edition of the Miss Supranational 2023, has been one of the pageant’s favourites during the build-up to the finale

This week, Ayanda Thabethe won one of the top five Miss Supranational slots after a set of brilliant answers during the finals of #suprachat 2023, along with Canada, India, Peru and the Philippines. She was asked questions by Supranational News reporter, Ivan Padrez. Read the conversation below:
Ivan: What has given you a life-changing lesson? Is it love, time or death?

Ayanda: Death. She told of her first experience with grief in Grade 10, speaking of the trauma and pain of losing her athletic partner, who did not survive a routine surgery. Her biggest regret has been not going to her friend’s funeral, of not saying goodbye to her. She uses this memory of grief as a reminder of the preciousness of life and has taught her to cherish every single day.
Ivan: What important method of communication, besides language, do you use in your life?

Ayanda: I think it’s how we show love. My love language is showering people with gifts. I also reciprocate feelings when someone shows me love.
Ivan: Why did you choose the Miss Supranational experience, given that beauty queens are the subject of harsh criticism and booing?

Ayanda: Entering pageants is empowering for women and it teaches them leadership skills. It’s like a boot camp for women. It allows me to grow. About the bullying, you can choose to lock out the negativity and focus on the good things.

Miss Supranational 2023 takes place on Friday evening, July 14, at the Strzelecki Park Amphitheatre in Nowy Sącz, Poland. There will be live coverage of the pageant on Miss Supranational’s YouTube channel.

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