4 Ways To Manage The Rising Cost Of Living In 2022

4 Ways To Manage The Rising Cost Of Living In 2022

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With a rise in interest rates, electricity prices and certain food that are affected by changes in the market, it is clear that the cost of living will keep rising in 2022. Here’s how to manage

South Africans have received various concessions over the previous two years to assist them in managing the financial burden of the pandemic. Banks extended financial assistance, and the SARB cut interest rates to record lows, while the government launched financial assistance programmes such as TERS to mitigate the pandemic’s impact. Despite these efforts, some households continue to face financial distress, and the rising cost of living will exacerbate the situation for many. As a result, people must plan ahead for some of the prices that will take effect this year.

Here are four useful tips to help you start 2022 on a good financial footing:

Live within your means: One of the golden rules for money management is to spend less than you earn. This will help you ensure that you’re not unnecessarily relying on debt to accommodate your lifestyle. The best way to achieve this is to budget properly to account for all your monthly expenses. Many financial institutions offer free digital tools on their app to help their customers manage their money.

Manage your exposure to credit: Being smart about how you use and manage credit can help you get more value out of it. This, however, starts with understanding why you need credit and what kind of credit is suitable for your needs. Whether it’s a credit card, overdraft, fusion or personal loan, each of the solutions offers different benefits and pricing considerations.

Use loyalty rewards: Meaningful rewards or loyalty incentives can help you save money, provided that you’re disciplined about your banking behaviour and the way you manage your money. Take eBucks Rewards, for instance, you can earn and/or spend rewards on vital expenses, such as fuel and groceries. All you need to do is try to figure out what you need to do to get the benefits.

Plan for upcoming expenses: While it is impossible to predict changes in interest rates and fuel prices, changes in the cost of insurance premiums and school fees are typically communicated well in advance. As a result, it is necessary to factor in these changes when planning your finances for the year ahead.

Source: FNB

Words: Rob Gwerengwe, CEO of FNB middle market.

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