Step Into The Weekend With DJ Zinhle's Single “Indlovu” featuring Lloyiso

Step Into The Weekend With DJ Zinhle’s Single “Indlovu” featuring Lloyiso

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 Step Into The Weekend With DJ Zinhle's Single “Indlovu” featuring Lloyiso DJ Zinhle’s brand new single “Indlovu”, out today, is a melodic, uplifting track spurring those in hope of new beginnings. 


With vocalist Loyiso lending his supportive lyrics, DJ Zinhle taps into the organ for a gospel-chime soundscape that perfectly reflects the message of the track. More than a statement of positivity, “Indlovu” is a sonic representation of DJ Zinhle’s desire to impact society in a meaningful way with her music.

When asked to comment on the inspiration of “Indlovu”, DJ Zinhle told KDanielles Media, “For me, the song is about hope and not giving up. It’s a timely message as the world is going through uncertainty, Loyiso delivers this message of hope in a gentle and impactful way. I couldn’t have chosen a better vocalist and talent for this single. Loyiso is a force and together we were able to create magic.”

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Featured artist, Lloyiso Gijana, who became a popular name after being a contestant on Idols also shared with us, “I wrote this song with the thought of instilling faith in myself at this hard time in my life and to give myself hope that will be carried out to the rest of the world. I knew the moment I sent Sis Zee (DJ Zinhle) the idea she would take it to the next level and she added a part of herself in it that makes this song even more special to me. The reason why “Indlovu” is a big part of my life is because the animal pours out characteristics of resilience, patience and ambition and of course my clan name being Indlovu makes it more special. Indlovu” is a powerful message that will touch the world, pour positivity through the ears with its infectious toe tapping rhythm.”

Make sure to connect with DJ Zinhle online and stream or download “Indlovu” today:

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