5 Daily Habits That Usually Make You Unhappy And Demotivated

5 Daily Habits That Usually Make You Unhappy And Demotivated

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There are some draining habits that we are guilty of having, and if we hold on to them for too long they can sink us into unhappiness and even depression. Read on to see if you don’t relate to some of them:

Living in regret: We often find it difficult to move on with our lives, instead of learning from our past mistakes. If there are things from the past you regret learn to forgive yourself and be kinder to yourself because as singer and business woman Rihanna says, “Let go of the things that make you feel dead! Life is worth living!”

Comparing yourself to others: The dawn of social media has made many of us set unrealistic goals just for likes and boastful hashtags. If you sink into the feeling of worthlessness and depression when you see certain posts on social media, then I advise you minimise on it, and comparing yourself to other people. Life is a journey, behind every success story there are a lot of sacrifices and that people make. Do your best because your time will come.

Doing things for the wrong reasons: If you are making everyone else around you happy at your expense start asking why. Is your job fulfilling you? Are you happy in your relationship or marriage? Do your friends bring out the best in you or is it a social status you are after? Settling for other people’s dreams and expectations of you is one sure way to be miserable.

Not taking care of yourself: We are a generation that is obsessed  success. I know I am. Our lives are fast-paced and, as a result, we are often guilty of not resting enough or indulge in unhealthy lifestyles. I don’t know the last time I exercised or had an uninterrupted healthy diet for at least 30 days, even though I knew the benefits of such a lifestyle. It’s time to meet our bodies and minds halfway by taking good care of ourselves.

Postponing your goals: Procrastination is the thief of time. Sometimes, rejections or failures can discourage us from time to time but you need to have a positive mindset and faith that things will work out. Delaying your goals will sure keep you from reaching them. Start small, by updating your CV, registering for a course or polishing your business proposal. Do something, anything, no matter how small it is, that will lead you to your goals.

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