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5 Ways To Market Your New Business With No Budget



The thought of marketing your business might seem expensive and overwhelming. The good news is that creating brand awareness today is affordable. Here’s how

Being a business person is not as glamorous as social media makes us believe. And with the costs required to keep a business afloat, the last thing any business person needs is the stress that comes with marketing their business. Fortunately, it’s possible to market your business with little or no budget at all. Here are five ways I recommend:

Create a website or social media handles for your business: Nothing screams bogus louder than a business that doesn’t have any form of digital presence. And with free website templates, such as WordPress and Wix you can create an eye-catching online presence that showcases your services and contact information.

Create a Google My Business account: Google has so many offers that make life easy, especially their Google My Business account, which gives your business exposure on Google when certain keywords are typed.

Attend networking events: It’s important to represent your brand at networking events, especially ones that suit your business needs. Always carry your business card and have an elevator pitch ready for when someone wants to know more about your business.

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Be a guest contributor to industry websites and magazines: We all know that content is king (queen) and quality articles that benefit and inform readers goes a long way. Plus, this will put you at an advantage position of being an industry leader or expert. So start contacting media industries and propose to be their guest writer as most of them let you promote your business in your bio.

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Offer free information on your blog or social media: Many social media gurus use this winning formula to get a lot of traffic on their website, newsletter sign-ups and social media accounts. It’s important to showcase how customers benefit from your services and products instead of doing a hard sell. One of the great baits to draw people in is by giving information that will benefit them so they can come back to you for more.

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